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Aug 21 - Feb 22
Mobile App
Sustainable Fashion
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Adobe XD
[My Role]
UX Concept
Visual Design

When you have old clothes you would like to trade you can use uptraded. You can swipe through many different fits and decide if you like them or not. Once you matched a fit you can trade further clothes with the matched person.


Starting from a simple MVP we were tasked to create a better-looking app with great UX and usability. The biggest task was to find a way to combine a tinder-like swipe feature with a steam-market-like trade experience.


From their initial concept, we first created a strategy of the main functionalities of the app and focused our attention on creating a smooth solution that combines the swipe functionality as well as the option to trade multiple clothes with the same person.


In the end, we’ve created a well-rounded app design that is not just up to today's design standards but also has state-of-the-art ux principles and user flows embedded in it. To top it off, we’ve created a style guide and component library so that the client can build on top of the existing product. It also allows fellow designers to have an easy time working on the app.


With this new design, they were ready to go live and publish uptraded on the play store and app store where they have a majority of positive reviews (mainly about the intuitive aspect of the application).


The project started at florianmatthias where I was the lead designer while Florian had a supervisory function. During that time Steffi helped me a lot with client communication and project management. After I left the agency I was working on the project on a freelance basis.